Registration is open from Nov 1st through Jan 31st

Registration Costs for the 2024 Nipmuc Youth Lacrosse Season.

Boys/Girls: MYL Registration is $40.

The Nipmuc Youth Lacrosse League costs the same for boys/girls and is as follows:

  • (U9)   1st - 2nd grade: $110
  • (U11) 3rd - 4th grade: $160
  • (U13) 5th - 6th grade: $160
  • (U15) 7th - 8th grade: $160

There will be an additional cost for uniforms, which are theirs to keep.

A Late Fee will be assessed if registering after the above deadline.

Please note, if payment is not received at the time of registration, you will be placed on a waitlist until payment is received.

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